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Navigating Transformation 
in the Age of AI:
Lessons from Nokia's Fall

Established companies often play it safe, focusing on making their existing products better. But to really shake things up and break into new markets, you need to think differently - that's where disruptive innovation comes in.

Remember Nokia? They were on top, but they didn't see the smartphone wave coming.

Now, AI is the next big disruptor, and ChatGPT is a perfect example of how fast it's happening. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to embrace disruptive thinking and be ready to adapt.

Zoltan Matanyi, an IT strategist with a passion for puzzles, holds a Rubik's cube in his hand.

The promise and peril of disruptive technology

AI is already transforming our lives, from self-driving cars to facial recognition. It's a game-changer, and its impact is only going to grow. Businesses that don't get on board risk being left behind.

But it's not just about jumping on the AI bandwagon. We need to be smart about it. There are real concerns about privacy, security, and fairness.

Take chatbots, for example. They can be incredibly helpful, but if they're not designed carefully, they can say some pretty inappropriate or even harmful things.

The same goes for any AI application. It's essential to think through the potential consequences and make sure we're using AI responsibly. It's a powerful tool, and it's up to us to make sure it's used for good.


Establish a robust data governance framework

Zoltan Matanyi spoke at a conference on how to use data governance to mitigate risks and foster innovation.

A data governance framework is like a rulebook for your data. It tells you how to collect it, how to use it, and how to protect it.

  • It keeps your data safe. Think of it like a security system for your information.
  • It builds trust. When people know you're handling their data responsibly, they're more likely to share it with you.
  • It helps you stay ahead of the curve. With AI and other technologies evolving so quickly, it's important to have a system in place to manage the risks.
  • It fuels innovation. When your data is organized and accessible, you can use it to develop new products and services.

Planning upfront can save you a lot of headaches down the road. And in the age of AI, where data is more valuable than ever, that's an investment you can't afford to skip.

Hi, I'm Zoltan Matanyi

Interim Manager • AI Consultant • IT Strategist • CIO

With over 20 years of experience in the ever-changing tech world, I thrive on helping businesses unlock the full potential of technology.

I'm not just here to make a sale or act as a cultural bridge. My focus is on providing real solutions to the problems my clients face. Every call, every conversation is an opportunity to make a genuine difference in someone's situation.

My job is to listen, understand, and offer solutions that truly meet their needs – whether it's streamlining their workflow, saving them time and money, or improving their overall quality of life. It's an investment in your time, your business, and what you can achieve.

I'm here to answer your questions


Certified & Experienced in the Latest Technologies

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BSc in IT engineering,
technical management

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ITIL Foundation Certificate
in IT Service Management

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Project Management
Professional (PMP)

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Fundamentals of
Digital Marketing

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Enhanced Cybersecurity
and Privacy

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I'm passionate about making technology accessible to everyone, from IT professionals to those less familiar with tech.
I offer a unique understanding of both Thai and Western cultural perspectives.

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